Ultimate Cheatsheet: Business Planning for Growth, Capital Raising & Exits

April 3, 2018 — by Admin
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Are you looking to pursue your next stage of growth, raise capital or get funding (debt or equity) or exit your business?

To be successful at achieving any of these business objectives will require you to get the buy-in of different stakeholders eg. potential business partners, investors, funding institutions, buyers etc. It is likely that you will need a business plan that's fit for the purpose.

The thought of writing a business plan can seem like a momentous task to many but in reality it is simply a conversation in writing about what you intend to do, how, and why it’s a good idea.

In this Business Propel Masterclass webinar, John Hagerty, Be Business CEO, investor and business strategy expert, discussed ways to shape your business plan to your intended audience and achieve your business objectives.

Topics John covered in the webinar included:

  • 4 questions you always need to answer
  • How to keep your plan “alive”
  • The top tools and approaches that cut time and increase impact
  • Why most people fail to write their plans down
  • The worst advice I ever received in business
  • How your competitors can help you develop your strategy
  • 5 reasons you need a plan and, how this affects how you do it
Click here to listen to the webinar recording

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