5 Signs Your Sales Process is Leaking

June 5, 2018 — by Admin
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Written By: Tanya Gray. Sales Effectiveness Specialist | Outsourced Chief Sales Officer at BeBusiness.


It’s the thing that makes business owners and sales people throw their hands up in the air. Losing sales. Watching the sale walk out of the door. Thinking that everything is going so well, but then not being able to convert the lead into a sale.

So what is happening?

Throughout my career I have identified the five warning signs that show why people lose sales. As you read through them, think about if you’re nodding along in agreement. If you are, the “Pressure Free Sales” methodology is probably for you. It will help you get more of those sales leads converted.

1. Discounting

If you are offering discounts, it’s often because you haven’t been able to articulate your value or credibility. You haven’t been able to establish enough trust or value in the sales process. What should you do? Reconsider the questions you ask and believe in yourself and your product or service. Ensure that you clearly communicate the benefits and the value to your potential customers.

Step 2: Attending a lot of meetings for little reward

Meeting lots of people for a small amount of return means once again that you are not demonstrating enough value or that you’re not a good fit for the potential customer. Be honest with yourself too. Are you spending all your energy on unqualified or poor fitting prospects just to grow your sales activity numbers?

Step 3: Sending proposals that don't convert

If you are sending out lots of proposals that aren’t converting, it’s a good idea to look at the content of your proposals. Is it all about YOU or all about the customer and THEIR needs? Make sure you’re presenting an offer that has real meaning for them, that uses their language, not yours, and also, remove sales ‘loaded’ words. For example: instead of ‘direct debit’ try ‘weekly subscription’,  and instead of ‘contract’ try ‘agreement’.

Step 4: A heavy sales pipeline

A heavy pipeline is loaded with follow-up calls, pending a decision. The ‘death by follow-up’ cycle can be tough and yes, it needs discipline. According to Hubspot, 80% of sales require five follow-up calls after a meeting, yet 44% of sales people give up after 1 follow-up.  A heavy pipeline is also a sign there is a closing issue.

Step 5: You feel uncomfortable closing the sale

The old-fashioned way of closing a sale is high pressure and pushy. This doesn’t sit well with many people – the customer OR the sales person. “Pressure Free Sales” is the opposite of this approach. It is about building trust and relationships through to the end. This methodology means that you don’t end up asking for a sale, the customer tends to ask to buy. That’s where you want to be.


If you or your team are having trouble converting your leads into sales, contact us to find out how we can help. A member of the BeBusiness team will get back to you promptly to take the conversation forward and let you know how we can help you achieve your sales and business objectives.

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