How To Spot A Dodgy CV

August 30, 2018 — by Admin
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Hiring a new person costs money and time. Hiring a person and finding out later that they lied to you during the hiring process (or just on their CV), will cost you more than just money.

Leanne Hagerty, our Chief People Officer was quoted in SmartCompany on the subject of dodgy CVs. Here is an excerpt from the article. 

"Leanne Hagerty is the head of people management with management consultancy Be Business. She’s found several cases where a candidate is about to be offered the job but at the last minute they’re caught in a lie.

The problem is that if someone lies on their CV or during an interview to cover up a past failure or under-performance, it’s not unreasonable for the potential employer to suspect they may do the same thing while they’re employed at your company, she says.

“Usually one of their references let slip a piece of information that’s contrary to the story we’ve been told, or it comes out in the background, security or police checks we routinely conduct. At the senior level, it’s unusual for it to come out during the interview itself unless the candidate is particularly foolish.”

Sell yourself on your future focus and potential, she says.

“Don’t assume you won’t be found out if you lie. Maybe you’ll get lucky but today that’s pretty unlikely, and if it’s a job you really want, then it’s definitely not worth risking your chances with a lie that will probably be found out anyway.”

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