About Be Business – Management Consulting

We are an Australian owned, management consulting company who helps entrepreneurs and business leaders build better businesses.

Why would you choose to work with Be Business? Your secret weapon?

We are the company clients call when they want that secret weapon that cuts through to the truth required to produce real business results. The Be Business team are management specialists who have been hand-picked for their ability to produce significant results for clients. To be this secret weapon though is not something that happens by chance, it comes only because we stick strictly to our 5 selection criteria below. It's our mark of quality, your guarantee that you'll get the best there is, a team who really knows what they are doing and how to get the result you are looking for.

Every Be Business consultant is:

1. Regarded as a thought leader or world class subject matter expert in their particular business area and know what works because they've tried it, applied it and created results in many different commercial contexts. They are also on top of the trends and best practices in their industry so they can pass on this knowledge and embed these practices and thinking into clients' businesses to help them drive transformation and gain competitive advantage.

Why our clients value this criteria: Our clients gain the advantage of having a specialist manager on board their team, ready to roll their sleeves up, no training or ramp up time required, able to add value from day one.

2. A proven C Suite business leader who has the runs on the board and people management experience you need for world class execution. We are definitely not career consultants, we've been in the trenches in real employment situations and had to produce results to keep our jobs. So it's not our thing to give you lengthy reports and plans that sit on your shelf, we're about strategic execution and outcomes.

Why our clients value this criteria:  They get a business leader who understands the drivers for success in a particular area of business, but who can also quickly integrate into their existing management team and gain interdepartmental buy-in to create the results required. 

3. An entrepreneur in their own right. Everyone on the Be Business team has business ownership experience. They get what it's like to make critical decisions around sourcing and deploying resource.  

Why our clients value this criteria:  We cannot sit in front of a client who is about to embark on significant business transformation or project (and the associated business risk that comes with that change) unless we've sat in their shoes and taken business risk ourselves. Our clients sense that we 'get' them and thus trust is established faster.

4. Our consultants have significant consulting experience and proven ability to get results for clients. We don't waste your time or money sending you juniors, your business is too important and that's not our model anyway. 

Why our clients value this criteria:  We won't ask you dumb questions, you are not our practice ground. We are outcomes driven and our consultants already know how to ask the right questions to get to the truth, and how source and harness resources to achieve the outcomes you want. We will be your devil's advocate and sounding board and change agent.

5. Share our values. 

  • Passion- about their subject area and getting outcomes for clients
  • Partnership- we value collaboration and creating solutions together
  • Giving Back- to our loved ones, our stakeholders and our communities
  • Creative thinking- we are solutions strategists and think outside the box 


How Be Business Collaboration Can Help You Save You Time

What happens when many companies use consultants is that they may use several consultants in different areas of their business. These consultants may come from different firms and may not share the same values and agendas. So often clients need to spend time (and money) managing the consultants and not on what matters! 

Be Business is a collaborative team by nature, we share values and work together on client projects. We have excellent project and stakeholder management skills so you don't need to spend time project managing us, that's our job, we'll keep you up to date on what matters to you so you can get on with business.