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Leanne Hagerty is the Chief People Officer at Be Business and as well as an outsourced HR specialist and brings to the table her vast experience in people management and business management for SMEs and larger organisations. With a background in education and coaching combined with having owned, operated or assisted a variety of businesses since 2001 in the capacity of both a business owner and service provider, Leanne understands the key challenges that businesses face around Human Resources and staffing, including being able to identify, hire, develop, train, incentivise and retain the right talent for their management team, and preparing entrepreneurs and key people within the business for growth, clear vision and change.

Leanne assists businesses with:

  • Developing the human resource and people strategy you need to take your business to the next level
  • Hiring and on-boarding of new talent
  • Aligning individual staff goals with company objectives
  • Creating and implementing performance management systems
  • Creating a workplace culture for optimal team engagement and performance
  • Implementing systems that help increase communication and accountability amongst your team
  • Developing KPIs and incentive structures
  • Outsourced CEO services to help you grow the skills you need to become a great people manager
  • Entrepreneurial development of the management team


  • 17 Years in the Personal Development and Adult Education Industry
  • 14 years in Business Coaching and Business Development
  • Over past 17 years has built and operated 2 businesses of her own from start-up
  • A highly effective and sought after outsourced CEO

Areas of Specialisation

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