Tim Mann                                                                                                 Operations Specialist (Manufacturing | Automation | Robotics)

Tim Mann Headshot cropped

Tim is an operations strategy and transformation consultant specialising in business intelligence, automation and robotics. For the past 20 years Tim has been consulting to large companies and corporates, helping them to drive change and automation, and to achieve world’s best practice standards in the areas of productivity improvement, process improvement, capital improvement, operational equipment efficiency, green initiatives, quality control, safety upgrades and waste minimisation.

Possessing a strong electrical engineering background coupled with highly developed project and people management skills, Tim is adept at assisting his clients with projects requiring strategic transformation as well coming in and assisting in crisis management situations.

Tim’s client list includes: Audi, Schweppes, Cerebos, George Weston Foods, Cochlear, Connecq Infrastructure Services, Pascoes, Benthic Geotec, Colgate-Palmolive, CSR and Arnotts.

You might consider engaging Tim’s services if you:

  • Are a manufacturer or retailer and your warehouse facility or production line needs to be upgraded to a rapid order fulfilment model to meet consumer demand
  • Need scoping and technical design assistance for your new factory or production line
  • Want to explore how to save on costs and drive growth
  • Want advice on how to get the best spend out of your robotics and automation investment
  • Have a contract that could fall over if you fail to meet compliance requirements
  • Need to help to meet the compliance requirements to win a tender
  • Need an interim engineer or maintenance manager, COO or GM to design and/or implement change initiatives.
  • Need to upskill your Ops staff to world’s best practice standards

Areas of Specialisation

  • Robotics
  • Business Transformation
  • Automation
  • Advanced Manufacturing