ATS Episode 18: Pro’s and Con’s of putting on a BDM.

July 27, 2016 — by Admin
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On the 24/07/14 Merryn Bourne of ‘Fish Tank Creative’ asked John Hagerty and Joven Demonteverde of the Be Business ‘Ask the Strategist’ team “should I put on a BDM and what are the pros and cons of doing this?

Background to Merryn’s question:

  • Branding and communication business in their 5th year
  • Her key strength is sales not business development
  • Account manager

Merryn is unsure on whether she should bring a business development manager into her team as business development isn’t her strong suite. John and Joven provide her with the right strategic advice and ideas on whether or not she should introduce a BDM, whilst also assessing the possible positive and negative outcomes.

Different discussion topics included:

  • Business development
  • Content Marketing
  • Sales

After John and Joven provided her with different strategies and advice, Merryn was happy with their responses and stated “thank you very much.”

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