ATS Episode 21: How to replace yourself with a 2IC or manager.

July 14, 2016 — by Admin
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Cate Kemp of ‘Small Business Financial Ops’ sat down with John Hagerty and Sukesh Ned of the Be Business ‘Ask the Strategist’ team to discuss how she can replace herself with a 2IC or manager.

Background to Cate’s question:

  • Her business replaces the financial operation function for other small businesses, they completely remove the transacting and financial management component and integrate it with the business, where it needs to be
  • They are excellent technicians, who have grown a reasonably successful business off their experience and expertise
  • They are struggling to employ someone who can take over a key function of the business

Cate has grown a successful business but is currently struggling to employ and keep someone on board who can manage the key responsibilities of her business. John and Sukesh provide her with the right strategic advice that will allow her to take the right steps and measures when hiring more suitable employees.

Different Discussion topics included:

  • Team building strategies
  • Team management

Cate was very happy with responses she was given and when asked if her question was answered she stated “yeah, look I think you’ve given me some fantastic ideas, certainly testing for those critical thinking altitudes that I will take on board and communicate to my client base as well.”

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