ATS Episode 23: How to increase your chances of owning the ‘decision period’ and winning the proposal.

August 2, 2016 — by Admin
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On the 28/08/14 Sam McNeill of ‘Song Division asked John Hagerty and Joven Demonteverde of the Be Business ‘Ask the Strategist’ team “In regards to the sales process, what can I do to own the ‘decision period’ and increase my chances of winning the proposal?”

Background to Sam’s question:

  • Specialise in music based experiences, mainly group based, at a corporate level
  • Write songs about corporate businesses, e.g. sales targets

Sam is struggling to sell his product to the final decision maker in a business. John and Joven provide him with the right marketing strategies that will allow him to reach that final decision maker in order to eventually influence sales.

Different discussion topics included:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Events Companies

After John and Joven provided him with a number of strategies, Sam was very happy with the responses and stated “yeah, its been very helpful, thanks guys.”


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