ATS Episode 3: How to discuss funding with investors.

July 14, 2016 — by Admin
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Bronwen Kaspers of ‘Trumpet Page’ sat down with John Hagerty, Joven Demonteverde and Dominic Dirupo of the Be Business ‘Ask the Strategist’ team to discuss funding with investors.

Background to Bronwen’s question:

  • Bronwyn has just launched her site and they are currently in the middle of product testing.
  • Initially, she launched the site to her first level connections in LinkedIn and all the people she had networked with in the past 12 months, which allowed her to get some personal feedback including, what they liked about it, what things they thought should be improved and what things they were looking for in a platform
  • ‘Trumpet Page’ is an online platform where people can promote themselves for work in a better way
  • The online platform provides themes and writing support and users are able to sue their online platform as a marketing tool when they look for work

Bronwen wants to know what the best time time to approach investors is, whether it be the early stages as you’re developing the product or when you have got something to show investors. John, Dominic and Joven provide her with the right strategic advice and strategies

Different discussion topics included:

  • Technology
  • Investors/Angel Investors
  • Raising Capital
  • Investment Sources

After John, Joven and Dominic provided her with the right strategic advice, Bronwen was very content with their responses and stated “that’s great, thank you.”

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