ATS Episode 30: How to engage the Chinese market via pay per click search.

July 27, 2016 — by Admin
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Bryan Roberts of ‘Lined Media’ sat down with John Hagerty and Sukesh Ned of the Be Business ‘Ask the Strategist’ team and discussed engaging people in the Chinese market via the pay per click offering service they provide.

Background to Bryan’s question:

  • He is the senior business development manager
  • ‘Lined media’
  • It is a search engine marketing company
  • They recently aligned themselves with a Chinese search company

Bryan’s company ‘Lined Media’ has aligned themselves with a Chinese company ‘P Zoom’ to do pay per click search in China using the Baidu search engine (they are an authorised reseller of their advertising). They want to target Australian businesses so they get found in China but are unsure on how to get Australian companies interested in marketing themselves directly into China. John and Sukesh provide Bryan with different marketing strategies that will allow their target market to be attracted to the idea itself.

Different topics discussed include:

  • Search engine marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Pay per click advertising

After being provided with different strategies on how to address his situation, Bryan was happy with the responses he received and stated, “that’s fantastic, thank you very much.”

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