ATS Episode 9: How to effectively fill your events with your target audience.

July 14, 2016 — by Admin
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Bernadette Janson of the ‘School of Renovating’ sat down with John Hagerty and Joven Demonteverde of the Be Business ‘Ask the Strategist’ team and discussed how she could effectively fill her events with her target audience.

Background of Bernadette’s question:

  • Founder and Director of ‘School of Renovating’
  • Has a program that she shares with people who are interested in renovating themselves/teaches them how to renovate themselves
  • Wants to draw more attention to people through social media to her events

Bernadette has come to the conclusion that online marketing isn’t her strong suite, and in order for her to increase the amount of people attending her live events she needs to apply the right marketing strategies. John and Joven provide her with plenty of alternatives that will assist her in applying the right online marketing strategies, e.g. YouTube.

The different discussion topics included:

  • Online marketing & online marketing strategies
  • Attraction/engaging/commitment marketing
  • Renovation
  • Social media

After receiving advice from the strategist team, Bernadette was happy and thankful and after being asked by John if her question was answered, she responded by stating that “it was, brilliantly.”

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