ATS Episode 9: How to get funding/sponsorship to put together your project.

July 14, 2016 — by Admin
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On the 15/05/14 Julia Achilleos of ‘Total Vitality TV,’ a passionate health and well being specialist asked John Hagerty and Joven Demonteverde of the Be Business ‘Ask the Strategist’ team “What’s the best way to get funding/sponsorship to put together my project?”

Background of Julia’s question:

  • Presenter/actor for years
  • Passionate about health and well being
  • Wants to develop her own TV program
  • Needs funding in order to produce the program

Julia is determined to create a TV program dedicated to health and well being but is unable to develop that content as she is unaware on the best approach to gather funding and sponsorship for her program. John and Joven assisted Julia with developing new direction for her project, different ways to approach advertising, marketing and how to sell her product to television networks.

The different discussion topics included:

  • Marketing/advertising
  • Video production
  • Social Media Awareness
  • TV Networks

After receiving advice from the strategists, John and Joven, Julia was pleased with the results and stated that “it was really great, I feel fired up, it was great fun.”

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