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Transformational Business Growth via Acquisition and Capital Raising

Over the past 15 years, Be Business has provided support, advice, mentoring and pro bono services to the Australian and international business community. Strategic in viewpoint we find and execute smart solutions that others may not consider possible. 

John Hagerty Headshot cropped.png

John Hagerty | Corporate Advisor | Outsourced M&A

John is the CEO of Be Business and focuses on assisting fast growth companies to acquire capital and assets for the purposes of scaling up operations and strategic growth into new markets. John’s client include e-commerce, Fintech, SportTech, PropTech, BioTech, Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, Agriculture and Building and Construction companies. John is also a significant investor in several early stage companies.

John brings 27 years of hands-on experience, working knowledge and strategic insight gained across many industries and from a variety of business ownership, strategic, management and operational roles to his transactions. John brings a variety of skills required for successful transactions including strategic planning, deal management, stakeholder management and communications and governance.

John is an ambassador for Opportunity International Australia and has also been an active member of numerous business chambers and groups over the past 20 years. Highly networked John has an extensive network of local and international investors and investor groups, business owners, advisors and government bodies.

Be Business's corporate advisory arm merged with Eaton Square in 2020 in order to better support clients and broaden our investor base. 

Leanne Hagerty Headshot cropped.png

Leanne Hagerty | Chief People Officer | Investor Relations Management

Leanne brings to the table her vast experience in people management to SMEs and Corporates. Having owned and operated a variety of businesses since 2001, Leanne understands the key challenges that businesses face around Human Resources and staffing including being able to identify, hire, train, incentivise and retain the right talent for their management team.

Leanne also handles Deal and Investor Relations at Be Business, project managing transaction related marketing, communications and administration.

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