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Our Investors

Our Investors include:


  • Single and multi family offices 

  • High net worth individuals and wholesale investors 

  • Private equity firms

  • Professional investors

We provide you with opportunities to invest directly into micro and small cap opportunities

that fit your individual investment criteria.

Our investment opportunities include the following sectors:

  • Real estate and property (Industrial, Commercial, Residential)

  • Fintech

  • Edutech

  • Biotech

  • Media and telecommunications

  • Manufacturing (including food manufacturing)

  • Wholesaling

  • Professional, scientific and technical services

  • Education and training

  • Health Care

  • Accomodation and food services

  • Retail and Hospitality

  • Building and construction

  • Agribusiness

  • Energy and waste services

  • Infrastructure

  • Mining

  • Franchising

Latest Investment Opportunities

Image by Tiomothy Swope

Sector: Commercial Property

Project Blue Ink

Details coming soon

Image by Niclas Illg

Sector: Saas & Software

Project Cloud

Details coming soon

Image by Jakob Owens

Sector: Ed-tech

Project Creative

Details coming soon

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